!!! NOW  INCLUDES  a  SUPPRESSOR - sorry shown not in photo

ASG Tac Repeat

.177 12 shot  88g CO2 Air Rifle   £109

SMK CLASSIC B2  Camo Synthetic  .22 or .177 Air Rifle  £75


Multi shot .177 PELLET     

9 pellets in .177 magazine

 comes with a single shot tray too..



 Please bring over 18 Identification if buying Air Rifles 

​                                                                                                                               DRIVING  LICENCE  IS  IDEAL

 Fitted with a sound suppressor, the Remington Express XP with hardwood or tactical  stock takes the Express range to new heights, .22 calibre , it comes with an adjustable 3-9 x32 scope includes mounts and ready to go.   The Express XP will perform on the range as a target rifle but is equally capable out in the field as a full power hunting rifle.


Great for ratting


High quality rifle. Zoom 3-9x40 Scope & silencer included,

available in  .22  calibre


.177cal SMK XS19 GR Gas Ram Break Barrel Air Rifle £140 or £175 if with 3-9x40 Zoom Scope (WOOD ONLY)


High grade synthetic stock

Length: 42 in (106.68 cm)
Weight: 7.29 lbs (3.30 kg)

Approx FPS = 600



 Includes 4 x 32 Scope.  Available in .22 only​             

Webley VMX Quantum

 available as .177 or .22 cal AWESOME - £169


 Full size with full power

  Break barrel

  Calibre   .22 (5.5MM)

Type Spring and piston powered
Stock Walnut stained hardwood
Trigger Two stage
Length (total) 42.25"

Length (barrel) 41.5cm
Weight 6.2lb
Adjustable rear sight
Grooved for telescopic sight
Rich deep polished blued finish
Fitted recoil pad
Hooded front sight
Manual safety






 Hardwood  Stock Remington Express XP  £169

Powerful rifle with an innovative body style. Sleek synthetic stock.  Features textured grip & forearm, rifled steel barrel, micro adjustable fibre optic sight &two-stage adjustable trigger. Comes complete with 3-9×40  scope. 


black hunting stick,

which extends from 85cm up to 198cm, that is ideal for shooters on the move. The base cap can also be removed exposing a spike that can be implanted into the ground. With a 'V' top to rest your rifle, this item is a must have for all shooting enthusiasts. 

Size:  85cm - 198cm


 .22 calibre only 

​high quality finish and feel

It is a gas ram version of the XS19 rifle.
 This air rifle is great value for money it is a straight forward break barrel rifle which is lighter weight than some others twice the price, with an extra long pinch rail for sights of all kinds and the power is up to a huge 12 ft pounds ideal for hunting of all kinds.  
 The gas ram system makes this rifle have a much higher shot to shot consistency and better accuracy! A very comfortable break barrel air rifle, powered by a gas ram instead of a spring. This works the same as a springer but with a piston of inert gas. This means the rifle can be left cocked for longer periods than a standard springer without losing power. It is also very smooth and very accurate


 Please note: scope and mounts ARE included



 Specification  .177 lightweight
 Length : 1075mm/42.3inch
Barrel Length : 550mm/21,65inch
Mag. Capacity : 12 Rounds
Weight : 2567g/5,66lb
Power : ~ 7.5ft/lbsaph  


Overall Length: 45.5″.Power: 11Ft/lbs. Weight: 6lbs
includes 4×32 Scope & Mounts.
Trigger: Two-stage adjustable

Sights: inc Micro adjustable

Fibre Optic rear sight.

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 .22 calibre =  610FPS

 Suitable for hunting small vermin

 Ideal for vermin and target shooting.  Action Break barrel  Calibre .22 (5.5mm)  . Spring powered
Stock Hardwood chequered . Barrel type Steel precision rifled . Weight 3kg.  Length (total) 109cm.
"Hi vision" fibre optic front and rear sight.  Manual safety . Integrated sound moderator

 Remington Pest Controller £129.95 lighter weight than the Remington XP

 Features include:
• Single & Multishot in one gun
• Fixed Precision Rifled barrel for greater accuracy
• Overall Length 95cm / 37"
• Open Sights
• Grooved for Telescopic Sight with Fibre Optics
• Hardwood Stock
• Weight 2.27 kg / 5 lbs
.22 = 550fps  .177=650fps

.22 calibre

VICTORY  PR900W MULTISHOT PCP inc silencer  .177 cal £199

 88g CO2

is £17.99 for 2

or £9 each

Link to a review about this gun - 


 ​ Using 88gr CO2 cartridges the T.A.C Repeat has an output starting at 1.7 Joules, but with the upgraded metal drum mag (included in my price but other sellers make you buy it separately), it shoots out the 4.5 pellets out at an impressive 10 Joules, increasing both range and accuracy. This gun has 2 different magazines. The black plastic version has a flow restrictor to gives you 1.7 joules and I include a traditional style rotary ally mag which gives a stated 10 joules.

PCP  available in .177 cal

 ​Crosman Phantom MK 1  .22   £159 

 Ideal for target shooting, plinking and pest control


Comes complete with multi shot magazine single shot adaptor and open sights   The PR900W isreally light and great value for money.  The whole rifle weighs just over 2 kg, thanks to its slender beech stock, and no nonsense action. The action is a standard bolt action and comes complete with both a multishot magazine, and a single shot tray, so if its hunting or target shooting, this rifle can do it all.  The rifle refills via a quick fill port at the front of the cylinder, & has an on board pressure gauge so you always know how much pressure you have. Right above the cylinder is a rifled steel barrel which is superbly accurate, and comes with a front sight unit, which is fitted with baffles to mildly reduce the muzzle report.  The breech has a standard 9-11mm mounting rail to fit additional optics, although this rifle does come with open sights fitted if thats what you prefer.       VICTORY PR900W Multi and single shot PCP


 Webley VMX Spring Powered Air Rifle, Black Ambidextrous Polymer Stock With Quantum© Oversleeved Silencer Designed with reliability, perfromance and functionality. The Webley VMX Series features everything you need in an air rifle without breaking the bank! The Quantum© Oversleeved Silencer design works by using the first chamber to back reflex excess air form behind the pellet into the cavity and silencer wall. This slows down the air without the loss of power which in turn reduces the sound. The remaining chambers incorporate extra baffles and two acoustic felt cages to absorb any build up of pressure whilst the pellet travels through the silencer. 

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The new addition to ASG's TAC range is the Repeat - a hard-hitting CO2 rifle that utilises 88g CO2 cartridges to great effect. The Repeat shoots at around 7.5 ft/lbs, depending on temperature, and is perfect for target shooting or close- to mid-range pest control.
 The Repeat has a rifled barrel, built-in fibre-optic iron sights, and multiple accessory rails for scopes, lasers, or bipods. 

Grey Tactical Stock

Remington Express XP  £149