1500 BBs £7

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 Modeled on the latest version issued to the US Military  

The frame has been slightly remodeled from the standard to permit improved weight balance

and handling characteristics, is finished with a non slippery surface finish, and a grip plate that maximises grip at all times.
Full metal, blowback pistol  and the drop out magazine holds both the BBs and co2 for an easy and fast reloading procedure. A picatinny rail is incorporated on the front underside for fitting torches and lasers.
Barrel on the M9 A3 is longer than standard and  threaded right at the end for the fitting on a moderator or suppressor.


 PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current gun laws in the UK and changes made in the VCRA act air weapon sales are face to face, to over 18s  only and you must bring ID with you.

The Colt Defender BB Pistol has an all metal construction and a built in 16-shot BB magazine.   The  grip release and the CO2 compartment in the grip make this pistol extremely easy to operate.

All metal construction.

Spring powered grip release.

CO2 compartment in the grip.

16-shot BB mag.  440 fps


Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds

Velocity: 130 m/s (426 fps)

Barrel Length: 108mm (4.3 inches)

Overall Length: 177mm (7 inches)

Weight: 760g

Efficient and reliable

lovely gun







Built in allen key in the backstrap
Fixed, Glock-style sights
Official Glock markings
Features Glock's distinctive trigger
Double-action trigger
Compact version of the standard size Glock 17
16 SHOT BB capacity MAGAZINE
Weaver accessory mount


GLOCK 17   £149









BBs £7

 This new Silver Finish Webley Service Revolver MK 6 is a CO2 .177 6 shot METAL BB firing revolver, built from the original blueprints so it loads, cycles, fires and ejects just like the original!  They also make a pellet firing pistol but this is the BB version.  This has the original 1915 markings and has a single and double action trigger.  This is a full 1:1 scale replica which is even the same weight as the original! 
This is fully field strippable and has a 6" barrel with a 6 shot chamber that you load the 6 fake shells into. 
The pistol is powered by a 12g co2 capsule which is housed within the grip and provides around 60 - 70 shots per capsule. The co2 capsule is tightened and released by the lanyard attachment on the bottom which means you can barely tell it is an air pistol from the exterior appearance.
The pistols barrel breaks away from the frame, just as the original model did to allow the loading of the shells which move up as the barrel is moved further down for easy removal of shells if necessary.
The trigger can either be continually pulled to fire off the 6 shots as quickly as possible, or the hammer cocked then the trigger pulled for a lighter, more precise shot control.

BBs £7


Webley VMX CO2 Multishot Pellet Pistol £115

GLOCK DUAL AMMO  £169e your  

REVOLVERS all inc 6 metal shells  - only 1 of each model in stock

Smith & Wesson M29  8 3/8” CO2 .177 metal bb  £199

Smith & Wesson M29  8 3/8” CO2 .177 pellet  £199

Smith & Wesson M629  6.5” CO2 .177 pellet £199

 6 shells, a metal bb goes in the end of each shell

 ​A 1/1 scale version of the real thing   licenced by Glock , full blowback action and metal slide, all in one magazine with 18 shot metal bb capacity that will fire semi auto .
3 joules in power fixed front and rear sights. This replica is fully faithful to the original, with all of its markings..


£7 for 1500

 GLOCK 17 GEN 4 field strippable  £189


BBs £7

Umarex Glock 19 Gen. 3 CO2 BB Air Pistol ​£115

 This Snowpeak SP500 is an air pistol that offers great value for money. It’s suitable for both left- and righthanded shooters and features a break barrel to compress the spring. Both piston and cylinder are zinc plated to prevent corrosion WITH a fully adjustable rear sight, enabling you to perfectly set your sights

to any chosen distance and the trigger pressure can be adjusted between 3 and 8.5 lbs (1.4-3.9 kg).

The air pistol has a maintenance free synthetic grip.

Umarex Beretta M9A3 CO2 Full Metal Black 16  shot metal bb   £199

 12g CO2 = 50P EACH

  Webley  MK6  Exhibition Silver Nickel Plated   £179    Webley Mk V1   

CO2 .177 BB  6 shot .  Air Pistol  Built from original blueprints   Loads, cycles, fires and ejects as the original.  Original 1915 markings    Single / Double action.   Full size.   Field strippable.   Full metal construction  6 Inch barrel.   6 Shot .177 METAL BB.   Exhibition Silver finish  



 Gas goes in one side and 16 shot metal bb magazine is built-in on the other side

BBs £7



4.5 mm (.177)

19 shot metal BB  
Velocity 125 m/s
Length 203 mm
Weight 360 g


Up to 420fps (in .177)
Over 40 shots per 12 gram CO2 cartridge
Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
Rifled steel barrel
Ambidextrous polymer target style grip
1/2" - 20 UNF threaded barrel with thread protector included
Tool-less access quick change CO2 housing
Integrated Picatinny rail
Comes with self indexing magazine

and single shot tray,

9 shot pellet in .177

and 7 shot pellet  in .22   

 Available as .177 or .22